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“Are you delighted?” is a deceptively intricate question to the two request and solution.

It is generally recognized that owning adequate funds to include your demands and wants can support you live a fairly content, cozy life—and the latest study reveals this marriage may well enhance linearly as cash flow levels expand, as effectively.

Having said that, there’s much a lot more to it than that. Pleasure levels depend not just on monetary stability, but also broader perceptions of one’s social aid, particular liberty, and much more.

This sequence of map pulls information from the Planet Contentment Report to uncover the ordinary scores of 149 nations among 2018-2020, and which types emerged the happiest or unhappiest. We also look at the most and least enhanced countries in every region.

How is Joy Calculated?

Very first, let us glance at the components employed to determine earth contentment levels. Some distinct indicators are overall health and prosperity, the two metrics that have been steadily on the rise around the globe. The report normally takes these into account, weighting GDP per capita and existence expectancy at beginning into the scores.

The report also appears to be like at a lot more intangible elements, collecting study responses about:

  • Social assistance
  • Freedom to make lifestyle options
  • Generosity
  • Perceptions of government/ business corruption
  • Good or unfavorable affects (Modern encounter of thoughts)

This 12 months, there was a pure concentrate on the damaging impact evaluate of the COVID-19 pandemic on pleasure concentrations, these types of as exacerbating psychological overall health dangers. In addition, these kinds of measurements different based on every country’s reaction to the crisis.

Seeking Closely at Regional Contentment Ranges

Worldwide happiness will come in at an average score of 5.5, a marginal advancement due to the fact our former coverage of this report in 2019. Let us dive into regional outlooks for joy degrees.

North The us

Present Mood: Happy (6.1)

Canada retains its location as the happiest place in North The united states, even though its overall worldwide rating has dropped around the yrs. In 2019, it was ranked in ninth put globally, dropping to 11th in the 2020 edition, and declining further more to 14th position in this year’s report.


Haiti carries on to fare badly as the unhappiest in the region, with an regular annual GDP progress of only 1.3% over 20 decades. Its weak economic system and political instability have been worsened by the pandemic—setting back again efforts to cut down poverty and widening inequality.

South The us

Present Mood: Content (5.9)

With the biggest middle course in the Americas—60% of its population—and a miniscule .1% serious poverty price, Uruguay is the happiest South American region. The nation has also achieved equitable obtain to simple companies, from education to electrical power.


The trio of Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela are enduring diverse stages of development in pleasure levels, but their romance is really a great deal interdependent.

Venezuela and Ecuador face related economic problems and sharp declines in oil prices. Venezuela is furthermore acutely impacted by socio-political unrest, triggering a mass exodus of citizens to Ecuador and Colombia alike. The silver lining is that the inflow of really-educated Venezuelan migrants may possibly provide a 2% boost to Ecuador’s GDP.

Colombia, the most enhanced nation, has halved its poverty price in the previous ten years. In addition, it has welcomed almost 2 million Venezuelan migrants as of Dec 2020—and designs to provide them up to 10 many years of protecting position.


Latest Mood: Joyful (6.4)

Finland continues to be at the best of the leaderboard as the world’s happiest state. This year’s position was also motivated by large stages of believe in in the way the COVID-19 pandemic was handled.

Meanwhile, the shock of the COVID-19 crisis is envisioned to be short-lived in Croatia, which is the most improved nation. This is partly owing to its regular pre-pandemic economic gains, whilst threats keep on being.


In the unhappiest country of Ukraine, conflicts carry on to induce pressure on its politics, safety, and economic climate. In unique, government corruption stays a huge general public situation.

Center East and Central Asia

Latest Mood: It’s Complicated (5.3)

Saudi Arabia is the most improved region in the area, as it carries on to minimize its oil dependence, diversify its economy, and bolster its community providers. It has also been creating some progress to gender equality.


The tourism and hospitality industries contribute nearly 20% of Jordan’s GDP—and COVID-19 has induced a extended economic decrease in the state alongside with the headwinds of these industries.

Although Afghanistan has witnessed enhancements in entry to standard products and services and its agricultural financial system, problems continue being with prolonged conflict and violence. A publish-pandemic recovery in the world’s unhappiest nation may well just take various yrs.

East Asia and Oceania

Latest Mood: Neutral (5.5)

Both of those New Zealand and Taiwan saw a profitable COVID-19 response and recovery boosting their positions in the world pleasure rankings. In fact, New Zealand was the only non-European region to make it into the top rated 10 on the global joy record.


Take note: As the report only handles 149 international locations, “Oceania” only refers to Australia and New Zealand in this instance.

Even though India remains the unhappiest nation in the region, it also showed the most improvement all round, perhaps thanks to its improved access to standard services. Notably while, the pandemic caused a sharp economic contraction in real GDP by 23.9% 12 months-over-year in Q1’2021.


Present Mood: Not happy (4.5)

In July 2020, the island nation of Mauritius joined Seychelles to grow to be the next high-revenue state in Africa, serving to cement its standing as the happiest in the area.

Zambia, the most enhanced African state, has one of the world’s youngest populations by median age—which presents extended-time period options for labor drive participation.


On the flip side, agriculturally-reliant Benin struggles with higher poverty, with near to 40% of the inhabitants dwelling down below $1.90 for each working day.

Zimbabwe, the unhappiest country, has been by not just purely natural disasters but monetary disasters as well. It expert hyperinflation of 786% in May 2020, accompanied by an equally sharp rise in foodstuff costs.

Despite the fact that just about every place has been uniquely impacted by the pandemic, it’s apparent that on the whole, pleasure amounts get into account so substantially much more. How will long run rankings look like in a publish-pandemic environment?