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Congressional Leadership offices—breaking home windows and furnishings, and thieving electronics and other sensitive material.110 They…

Congressional Leadership offices—breaking home windows and furnishings, and thieving electronics and

other sensitive material.110 They left bullet marks in the partitions, looted artwork, smeared feces in hallways,

and wrecked monuments, including a commemorative show honoring the late Representative

John Lewis.111 Several rioters carried Trump flags and indications, while some others wore the insignia of fringe

militias and extremists such as the Proud Boys and neo-Nazis, which includes a shirt emblazoned with the

slogan, “Camp Auschwitz.”112 One particular insurrectionist paraded the Confederate fight flag by the

Capitol halls—an act that thousands of troops gave their lives to avert in the course of the Civil War.113

it and rummaged by way of Senators’ desks, using pics of private notes and letters.114 A single of them

shouted “Trump received that election!” on the Senate dais in which Vice President Pence had presided.115

One more rioter climbed on to the dais, asserting that “I’m gonna get a seat in this chair, due to the fact

Mike Pence is a fucking traitor.”116 He left a observe on the Vice President’s desk stating, “ITS ONLY

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Once inside of, insurrectionists desecrated and vandalized the Capitol. They ransacked

Shortly after Senators experienced been evacuated from the Senate Chamber, insurrectionists entered